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New to LA Tan? Would like to try 2 FREE samples (x2 100ml bottles) of your choice? Simply choose your complementary solution and give us a call to order, £3.99 (plus vat) shipping will be added to this offer.

Choose From-

LA Tan 8% Gold (Natural Golden Tan, For Fair Skin Types)

LA Tan 10% Gold (Natural Golden Tan, For Fair- Medium Skin Types)

LA Tan 10% (Brown Tan, For For Fair- Medium Skin Types)

LA Tan 12% (Brown Tan, For For Medium- Dark Skin Types)

LA Tan 10% Cocktail (Natural Golden Tan, For Fair- Medium Skin Types)

LA Tan 14% Cocktail (Natural Golden Tan, For Dark Skin Types)

LA Tan 14% Disco (Dark Brown Tan, For Dark Skin Types)

LA Fast Tan (Fast Developing Tan, Suits Most Skin Types)

How To Claim Your Free Samples

  1. Choose your shade
  2. Call 0161 483 7156 and speak to one of our team
  3. We'll take some details and send out your free sample
  4. One free sample bottle per customer

  1. Open an account on our website to be eligible to claim your two free samples (at the top of this page)
  2. Log into your account and then add the samples your require to your basket
  3. During checkout enter the discount code SAMPLES into the Discount Codes box
  4. One set of free samples per customer
We are so confident that you will love LA Tan Solutions that we are offering two FREE sample sized LA Tan Solutions for new customers.

LA Tanning solutions are superior tanning products developed using the latest technology, designed to produce an initial colour. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the main ingredient in all sunless tanning products the DHA used in our solutions is 100% ECO Cert, and ranges from 8% to 14%.

All our solutions are Fragrance Free (excluding LA Fast Tan), Paraben Free and Alcohol Free. LA Tanning solutions contain only the highest quality ingredients, including Aloe Vera Gel and a Blend of 5 Vitamins. These ingredients moisturise the skin to prevent the skin from drying out and subsequent loss of tan. Also included in our solutions are White and Green Tea Extracts which are a highly effective anti-oxidant.

LA Tanning solutions have been formulated to the highest degree, and are compatible with all tanning systems. Following the Pre-care after care advice correctly, your perfect LA Tan will last between 5-7 days. Our solutions are manufactured in the UK and are not tested on animals.

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