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New! Tan Wave Portable Extractor Fan +FREE Pop Up Tent- WOW...

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NEW! TAN WAVE PORTABLE EXTRACTOR FAN- INCLUDES A FREE BLACK POP UP TENT, LATEST SKYLIGHT ADDITION- FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! The Tan Wave (Fresh Air) Unit is a portable clean air extraction and ventilation system using Micro-Whirlwind Technology. Perfect for mobile, home or professional salon use.

Powerful enough to extract overspray solution in any room, the lightweight unit includes a handle and is ideal for small spaces or mobile use. The system works by extracting the moisture and any troublesome tanning solution from the air before it travels throughout the room-protecting the health and safety of both customer and staff, giving you simply, a breath of fresh air.

A Must Have For Any Busy Tanning Technician..

Key Features:

Minimises excess overspray, Lightweight and compact design so can be used in small spaces, Easy removable filters which should be replaced after 100 spray tans, Brand new Micro-Whirlwind Technology delivers a continuous stream of powerful air. Technical Info: Size W 250MM L 166MM H 250MM Weight 16kg Power/Airflow 32000rpm Noise 35-50db Power cord 3 metre

Latest Pop up Spray Tanning Tent/ Cubicle-

Clear roof and windows allows extra light. This fully portable pop up booth comes complete with carry case. This version has a cut out at the rear to enable an Extractor Unit to be fitted. There is also a flap that is Velcro down so it can be used without the extractor.

Please Note- The tent carry case that comes with this tent, is a an unbranded one (All black case)

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